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Top 10 Most Popular Cigarette Brands

July 1st, 2013 00:00

Smoking started its way as a fashion and today it is accepted by the younger generation. Nobody encourages smoking but the sale of the cigarettes has been rising continually. This article reveals the most popular, the most favorite and the best-selling cigarette brands around the world.

Most Popular Cigarette Brands

1. Marlboro
Marlboro is undoubtedly the best-selling cigarette brand and that is why it is at the top of the most popular cigarette brands list. Marlboro brand, which is the property of Philip Morris, was launched in 1924 and since it has been one of the most popular brands around the world. It is similarly popular in the Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

2. Winston
Winston first appeared on the cigarette market in 1954. The R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company's brand has enjoyed the first place among the most preferred cigarette brands during 5 years. From 1965 to 1970, Winston almost dominated the cigarette industry. It is one of the most best-selling cigarettes among smokers. And today, it is the second most popular brand.

3. Camel
Camel was founded in 1913 by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. This year the brand is honoring its one century anniversary. It is the 3rd most popular cigarette in the world nowadays. It is well-known in the USA and the South Africa. At an earlier time Camel was compared with Marlboro by popularity. But after a while its reputation has been dropping slowly.

4. L&M
Altria Group's L&M was released for the first time in 1953 and today it is one of the highly sold cigarette brands. The block sale of these cigarettes accrues to the Asian countries and in the United States. Now it is considered the world's 4th best cigarette brand.

5. Parliament
Parliament, being established in 1931, is one of the oldest cigarette brands. This brand belongs to the premium cigarette sector. Due to its high-quality tobacco, Parliament is very popular among celebrity smokers. It is widely recognized in the Middle East countries and the US. The brand is produced by Philip Morris.

6. Pall Mall
Pall Mall is an old brand that has appeared on the cigarette market in 1899. It became popular not so long ago, in 2004. Pall Mall is manufactured by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

7. Dunhill
Dunhill is a cigarette brand made by the British American Tobacco. It is considered one of the most expensive tobacco brands as it belongs to the premium cigarette sector.

8. Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike, a British American Tobacco's brand, has been offered for sale since 1871. The cigarette brand was the best selling one in the United States for many years, and many smokers still would not consider smoking anything else.

9. Red & White
Red&White is a low-cost cigarette but it is one of the most popular brands among smokers. It is mostly purchased by the middle and lower class consumers. Red&White is manufactured by Philip Morris International, American tobacco company, the products of which are sold in more than 200 countries.

10. Hilton
Hilton is one of the most favorite cigarette brands in the America and England. This brand was established in the 1970 by British American Tobacco, a company known for such famous brands as Dunhill and Pall Mall. The Hilton light and Hilton Platinum are liked most by the upper class consumers.